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THAT'S What SHE Said

Working with Jenn was a life changing experience.  She was able to help me focus my energy and align my actions professionally and personally to advance my goals both in and out of the workplace.  Jenn was always ready with simple yet thought provoking exercises, and as a result I always looked forward to our sessions.  Working with Jenn is valuable experience that I think any woman in any profession would benefit from.

-Christine M., Project Manager, U.S. Department of State

Coaching sessions with Jenn were something I always looked forward to. With her guidance, I achieved what didn't seem possible - I got my dream job in just 4 months. This is a unique type of relationship I suggest anyone try in their life, and, I promise, you will be surprised by how big of a difference it will make for you! This is a fantastic investment for any woman.

-Olga K., International Consultant, World Bank Group

Jenn is insightful, thoughtful, supportive, and honest. She is a born coach and born leader. She helps you get to wherever you need to be in the process of coaching. That is all I would ever want from a coach. She also provides you with critical tools to help you throughout not only her coaching sessions with you, but to take with you into every day life. So grateful for her!


-Jackie G., College Professor

Jenn has a great ability to use the time in the session wisely and pinpoint questions that help get at the matter of the obstacle quickly. She is very strong at counterpointing the client's feelings of frustration and feeling stuck with tools that can be implemented almost immediately to enable movement and progress toward goals.

- Cristal B., Non-Profit Manager

Jennifer's ability to listen and effectively problem solve, while boosting my self-confidence, were top-notch. Her humor and attention to detail also make her a pleasure to interact with.

- Courtney L., Academic Research Director

Jennifer is a wonderful coach who knows how to balance the serious moments and bring light and energy when an emotional break is needed. She helped guide me through a topic I've avoided for a long time. I am now able to look at it from a new perspective, which has changed my life in a positive way. Thank you for your coaching, Jenn!

- Erin C., Leadership Development Director

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