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Why did you get started doing this type of work?

I have worked in partnership + team building, talent management, and organizational development for over 7 years, utilizing coaching as one of my tools. I've experienced first hand the benefits and growth that comes from a meaningful coaching engagement- it changes lives (mine included). A couple of years ago I realized that I wanted to coach more frequently, while still utilizing my skills in leadership and organizational I opened Elysian and here we are!

What types of Clients have you worked with?

I have worked with individuals, primarily women, from their 20s through their 60s, in all walks of life, facing all sorts of challenges. I've come to learn that the majority of my clients do have one similar thing in common: they are in a stage of transition and want forward progress.

How long does it take?

Change is hard, and growth and transformation are achieved over time, step by step. It's inspiring to watch individuals and teams do the hard work that leads to a more fulfilling experience in life and in work. Sometimes sustainable change takes 4 months, sometimes it takes 12. I aim to provide quality coaching + consulting- the time frame for that varies client to client.

What Do you want clients to know before they start?

You're making an investment in yourself and your business- and make sure you are ready to honor that investment with introspection, time, and growth. Think about what you need from a coach or consultant- is it someone who is bold? Thoughtful? A good listener? Someone who pushes your boundaries or gives you space? Determine what is best for you and your growth, then share that with me as we begin our work together.

How do we get started?

I encourage you to participate in a discovery session for us to determine where you are, what's possible, if we're a good fit.  If we decide we would like to continue working together, we'll discuss appropriate next steps.

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